Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intelligence versus Twitch

One of the things that annoys me is that somehow a lot of people have gotten it in there head that twitch reflexes are the same as intelligent play or skill.  What I am referring to is the new retribution paladin "rotation" versus the old "rotation".

In the wrath era of retribution paladin (pre 4.01) a ret knew what they were going to be casting when.  They knew their priority and as things came off cool down they hit the highest priority spell for that situation.  The were procs to a point and there were some times when your priorities changed mid fight but it was fairly straight forward.

In the cataclysm era of retribution (post 4.01) a ret has no idea what they will be casting from one second to the next.  The framework is built around a proc system more than anything else.  The "rotation" as I previously discussed is basically hit you CS until you have 3 HoPo then TV.  You throw fillers in empty GCD's based on priority.  But, the largest effect you will have on your DPS is by watching your procs.  If HoL procs hit TV.  If AoW procs hit Exorcism.  If DP procs an extra HoPo point that pushes you to 3 then hit TV.  Why not just set up Power Auras to flash a big 4 (provided thats where your TV is bound) if your HoPo >= 3 or if HoL = true?  Then set up another that flashes a big 5 (again provided your Exor is bound there) if AoW = true.

I am not trying to complain about the new "rotation" I am just saying that hitting a button when something flashes on your screen does not equal skill or intelligence.  If it did, would that make a mouse that successfully hits a button to get food when a bell rings intelligent or skillful?

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