Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arenas and a new trinket

We finally got our 2's arenas done.  Did not go great but, I got my new chest piece after the first win.  Enchanted and gemmed it for a very nice upgrade.  Also got a new honor trinket to replace the last green in my PvP set.

We are only up to 1350 or so, and already I am noticing problems with some classes just ignoring me and I am not able to change their minds.  If a warrior is on my priest there is really nothing I can do about it except HoP the priest which the good warriors pop.  If I use HoS he lasts a few extra seconds but, dies any way.  What I am noticing is that the comp we fight has more influence on the outcome then how well we execute the fight.  Either that or we need more practice on the comps we are having difficulty with.

Not much in the way of PvE lately.  Mostly still just working on closing out all the zones to get max rep before dungeon running with tabards.

I did get my therazine rep up to honored so, I can at least get the lower shoulder enchant.  Not finished with their starter quests yet so, may be able to get to revered and get the PvE rings soon.

This weekend is SotA battleground holiday.  Looks like randoms since I am not that fond of that one.

I made a spread sheet to help me calculate what I can reforge.  This helped me get my PvP hit to exactly 5% or 600.  This helps to free up more points to put into crit and haste.  I have looked a bunch of places to figure out whether expertise is needed in PvP and it is fairly even between the yea and nay votes.  So I wont worry about it for now.

Enough rambling for now.  Some day I will actually post some usefull information instead of a journal of my activities.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Break

Apologies for the long break in posts.  Things have been up and down for me on the paladin.  I have pretty much given up on retribution in dungeons and raids.  Mainly due to my guild not raiding.  Also due to not having the required patience to wait in 45 minute ques.

I got on a 2's and a 3's team as retribution.  I am liking the damage I can put out if I can sit on a target for long enough to ramp up my damage.  Unfortunately these occurrences are few and far between.  My self heals are awfur and my ability to take hits sucks.  Oh yeah my mobility is a lot better but, unfortunately to maintain that I spam cleanse every gcd.  For those at home this means my main damage source during these times is auto attack.  I have found that I do fairly well versus healers due to rebuking every cooldown.  Unfortunately this means the healers partner is pounding on my partner which doesn't work out well after HoP wears off.  The best times are when they focus on me for a few seconds which allows my partner to lay the hurt on them until they peel.  Unfortunately I don't have the DPS to return the favor when they focus on him.  Sometimes HoP works to peel but most times they wait it out.

As for PvE, I have finished off the first 2 zones and the last one.  Currently working on deepholm while in que for bg's.  I have not successfully completed a single heroic instance yet.  I dont feel comfortable tanking one yet and don't want to sit in que for 45 minutes.  We will see how it goes when I have gotten all the rep gear and the regular dungeon drops.