Thursday, February 24, 2011


My 2v2 team broke 1400 last week.  I know this may not seem like a big achievement to hard core arena junkies but for a retribution paladin and shadow priest that hadn't teamed up together until cataclysm it has been an uphill battle.  Both classes offer a large amount of support abilities in exchange for dps.  With this latest patch we both got dps increases.  With that and getting more familiar with what my partner needs and when we have both been able to raise our game up a notch.

One bit of advice that I have for folks is at the start of the match as you run to your starting position is to change your aura to match who you are fighting.  Your resistance aura may not help you if that shadow priest has stacked spell pen but, I guarantee that devotion aura is going to do anything to lower the damage he does.  My recommendation would be if there is one person that does physical damage the use devotion aura.  The reason being that devotion aura always lowers physical damage where as resistance aura only lowers damage if the opponent doesn't have spell pen.  Retribution aura is pretty much useless and concentration aura is geared more towards healers (which may help out your partner sometimes but, generally not) not retribution paladins.

I just read the patch notes and all I have to say in this post is what the hell?  More later.

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