Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My arena team didn't get to do five mans this week.  I did get with one of my teammates and did some two mans so we did get some points at least.  What i have determined is teams with a healer and a hybrid caster/healer have a pretty distinct advantage.  Since there is now just one type of spell power when a caster stacks spell power and intellect the result ends up making them do pretty decent heals and not go out of mana like when a ret pally tries to heal.  I would really like to know how a ret pally/disc priest can counter a disc priest/boomkin.  Anyway I think I need to spend more time in PvP on my main and less time on alts.  My reflexes are starting to slow which is not a good thing in PvP.  As anyone who does PvP on any class knows if you think "should I xxx?" it is probably too late.

Monday, August 23, 2010

PvP alts and the AH

I haven't been playing all that much lately.  At least not the paladin.  Over the last few months my guild has not been doing very much in the way of content.  My arena team has managed to get up to ~1660 or so but unfortunately my rating is only 1585.  I have been leveling some alts for fun and to try and learn more on the different classes to see how to beat them.  I have also tapered off on the auction house somewhat.

As a guild we got the first part of ICC 10 through Deathbringer Saurafang but, other than that not much.

The group I do arenas with was being insane and doing three teams.  A, B and C teams.  My paladin is on the A team of course.  My alts that are 80 are on the other teams.  Did those mainly to get gear but topped out on them when we hit rating requirements.  The "A" team managed to get some fair matches (within 100 of our rating) one week while I was on vacation and went 9 of 10 which is why my rating is below the team.  But, I did manage to get the 1550 achievement.  Unfortunately I am currently 15 points below 1600 so hopefully we can get that soon so I can get the PvP chest before the season ends.  Also, we are holding on to a high enough ranking to get the challenger title if we don't screw it up or the scale pass us by.

I have my alts moving slowly up:
Paladin, Warlock, DK, Hunter and Rogue all at 80.  Mage at 44 Priest at 42 Warrior at 23 and Druid at 21.

Ah has gotten boring so I stopped making glyphs and enchants and basically just selling my stock off.  Sitting around 86K  My scribe has all recipes in the game.

Thats all for now.  I will try to post more in the future.