Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been somewhat of an achievement junkie this last week. At the beginning of the week I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer and went to Ice Crown and got my last 3 quests for Ice Crown: The Final Goal by soloing some more 5 man quests. These were the ones were some ghost chick hovers above an arena floor and you take the quests and she flies up and you kill a bunch of baddies, turn in, pick up another quest and so on. This in turn gave me Loremaster of Northrend.

This weekend I decided to work on some old world rep by doing the starter quests in Trisifal Glades which got me to exalted with Undercity and as a side benefit got me the explore Trisifal Glades Achievement. Now, I know I could get me rep by just doing the Argent tournament dailies. Meaning NOW I know I didn't when I started.

One of my guildies made level 80 on one of his alts this weekend so he wanted to do some heroics I was able to influence the choice of Heroics and after a couple of hours Halls of Lightning, Oculus and Old Kingdom are scratched off the list and bam I have the Heroic Dungeonmaster achievement completed. Along with that we got the Lightning Struck and the Timely Death achievements done. Meanwhile I got exalted with Kirin Tor for that achievement.

I started working on the Argent Tournament thing and got Argent Valor last night along with learning that now when I do the dailies I will be getting Horde city rep (small amounts right now since I had to start with Silvermoon who I am already exalted with)

I was doing my cooking and fishing dailies everyday so, I got the 500 fish achievement. With the Emblems I got from the heroics we were doing I got the Libram of SoC which gave me the superior achievement.

All in all I got 14 achievements in 7 days. We'll see if I can get anything like that this week.

If someone is hitting people with a big hammer it is always better to be the one who is swinging the hammer.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Apparently I can't stay away from the game. I have returned to WOW after a few months. I will probably not post too often this time around. Especially since I will probably be posting from my blackberry now.

After reloading and setting up my ui I logged on and ran a couple instances with my old guild. Even with my lack of practice I still managed to lay the hurt on some mobs. Along with gathering up a good amount of aggro. I downloaded the new rawr program and found that without going to 25 man naxx or ulduar Saraphina won't be getting any better gear yet.

A couple of my guildies invite me into their 3v3 team. I got to do 5 matches and walked away with 5 wins and no deaths. In fact none of us died in the 5 fights I was in.

Well, that's all for now.

Remember to always keep the pointy end away from you!