Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend 12/20

The weekend is over and what did I accomplish? Well, I made one level on my lock and one level on my hunter. I also managed to get some saronite and a little (I mean little) bit of titanium. Just to get enough titanium to smelt my daily titansteel takes forever. Someone told me the best place to get titanium is wintergrasp. Yeah that place sux. Not only can I not fly but, half the time I was there I couldn’t even ride my charger. This was due to an issue which had me stuck in combat for 10 minutes after I killed the last thing that attacked me. I finally logged off and on and I could finally mount again. Then I get attacked again and there it is again. I was ready to scream. I logged again. A little while later I fell off a cliff (yeah I am clumsy) and died (hit escape instead of my bubble and couldn’t get the stupid menu closed before splat). Low and behold when I appear at the spirit healer I am in sholozar basin not wintergrasp. After about 10 minutes of trying to find a way back in I give up. Now I can’t even find a stupid graveyard since the one showing on the map is in wintergrasp (huh?). It is a good thing I remembered the auto-unstuck thing or I would have gone batty. Took my durability loss and rez sickness and went on about my ore farming. I ended up getting around 10 skill points in BS and sent some blues to the AH for some gold.

Oh yeah one funny thing I have to say is how dumb is a DK that death grips a ret pally? I went to help some guildies that were getting ganked by a DK, a tree and a priest (don’t know what kind cause he died too quick). As noted, I killed the priest then the tree. The DK was killing my guildies at this time apparently. As I turned to start on him he grabs me a pulls me to him. Well, thanks buddy lemme give you a CS, DS and judgment for your trouble. Have a fun corpse run. By this time a couple other guildies had shown up and the losers rezzed and ran into the instance. It’s really annoying when the allies won’t even bring some friends to have a real pvp fight.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Botanica and a couple of Halls

Last night I ran the daily Wyrmrest quest. I think the achievement for running a daily quest five days in a row is broken. I have run that specific quest like 7 or 8 days in a row,
Then a guildy asked for a Botanica run to finish off some alchemy quest so we started off the night back in TBC. It was pretty simple so we burned through in about 15 minutes or so and headed back to Northrend.
Two more people added to the group and we headed to Storm Peaks to try out those instances. Ran the halls of Stone first with some of their lowers 75 Ele shammy, 76 tankadin, 77 disc priest, 80 frost mage and me 80 ret pally. It was a cake walk. The priest got some drops and I think the tankadin got one as well.
Since it was so easy we decided to go across the way and burn through Halls of Lightning as well. So the shaman logged over to his 80 retribution paladin and we gave it a shot. Three of the five of had never done it before so we wiped two times on the second boss but, we figured it out and burned him down too. Everything went fine until Loken. The whole tank him in one spot, run away when he is casting his AoE then running back seemed to be too much for the group. It probably didn’t help the tank was 76 and the three DPS were doing decent DPS. The priest finally called it and I went away unfulfilled.
Summary for the night: three instances ran, several deaths, almost 100 gold in repairs and not a single upgrade. I should probably figure out what gear I need for upgrade and map out a plan to upgrade it. I will have to shoehorn that in with trying to get everything else done at the same time. I really need to get better gear.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

History part 2

To continue, when WotLK came out I decided to roll a DK. I did the starter zone, which I have to say was awesome, and like 3 or 4 quests in outlands. Then I parked the DK and went back to my main.

I leveled starting in Howling Fjord then Dragon Blight then Grizzly Hills. Got the achievements for all three zones and started doing quests in Sholazar basin and decided to go to Icecrown soon after I got my cold weather flying. I finished off the leveling thing on the tenth of December. This time I was number 8 in the guild to hit the level cap. Yes, still the same guild. In all this time I didn’t replace a single piece of armor from BC (2 S2 pieces 1 S4 piece and the rest S3). I replaced both trinkets and both rings. I also got the weapon from the new ring of blood type chain in Zul’Drak. Its an axe. I don’t like axes on my pally so I had to replace that quickly.
I decided I wanted to get the epic flying mount so I went back Borean Tundra to do all those quests for the gold. Got the achievements for that zone and moved on to Zul’Drak. Around a third of the way through those quests I got to 5200 gold and went and got the mount and skill for swift flying.

My next step is to get my trade skills up to max. I easily got mining to 450 but, when I went to trainer to work on blacksmithing, found that I had no gold after the epic flight thing. I did some more quests in Zul’Drak and got back up to 650 gold after getting all available patterns. My blacksmithing skill is around 425 or so now. I finally got to replace the axe with the blue blacksmithing mace. I also worked with a guildy who has a chanter and gem cutter to gem and chant the savage saronite gloves for me. I also made the shoulders to replace both the S2 pieces I had.

I tried my hand at some BG’s and found that I don’t have a chance when the odds are 4 to 1. Note to self: stay with the group. The new BG is fun and totally different from the old ones.


OK, figured I should start with some history. I started playing WoW around 22 months ago. My first toon was a NE rogue got to level 12. Then I started my BE ret pally. At the time I think there was around 2 level 70's in my guild. As i learned to play the game the rest of the people in the guild leveled to 70. I was the 10th person in the guild to reach 70. Yes, they were all waiting for me so they could get beyond the horseman in Kara. And, yes we are a small guild. During the year and a half or so between reaching level 70 and the new expansion I was on the gear grind. Got in an arena team and hit the BG's to get purples. Found out that I liked PvP but, was not very well equipped for it (gear and skills both). Spent too much time grinding BG's and ended up leveling a BE lock for some change of pace. At the end of BC was fully purple and one of the best geared toons in the guild. At least that is what be.imba said.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Begining

I started this blog to record my experiences after leveling my retribution paladin to 80 in WotLK. Over time I will add formatting, pics and such but, for now this is how I will start.